The Remote IT Dept
For Digital Nomads, Remote Workers & Expats

Cyber Security & Tech Support, wherever you are

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a remote worker or an expat – you need Remote Tech Support and Managed Cyber Security as your devices need to be secure no matter where you happen to be. 

You have a computer, a mobile phone and the Internet.  You may use them in different places, many with unsecured services, or in one location.  Either way, you need Remote Tech Support at Managed Cyber Security to protect yourself and your clients if you’re working.  You need to ensure that your devices, your tools, are secure.  This is necessary to protect yourself and your clients who expect it.  Managed Cyber Security is also necessary for GDPR compliance.


The Remote IT Dept

For Digital Nomads, Remote Workers & Expats

For Windows and Apple Computers

managed computer security

Managed Computer Security


  • Anti-virus
  • Operating System updating
  • Software security updating
  • Firewall
  • Browser security and download scanning

/ month

For Android and iOS devices

double shield black

Managed Mobile Security


  • App security scanning
  • File scanning
  • Website link security
  • VPN
  • Remote wipe in case of loss or theft

/ year

Tech Support

IT support

zuu Tech Support

(IT Support)

  • Computer and Mobile support
  • Option 1 – Tokens
  • Option 2 – Unlimited Support
  • Options 1 & 2 only available to MCS members
  • Option 3 – One off support

10 tokens for

Website and email hosting

Website & Email Hosting

  • SSL (https) included
  • WordPress included
  • Databases
  • Point and click apps installation
  • IMAP and POP email

/ month

Operating System Security

Cloud Services Help

  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Permissions set up
  • File sharing
  • Onboarding

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Data Backup


  • Encrypted
  • Automated
  • Multiple data copies
  • Multiple computers
  • Mobile access

/ month

zuutech’s Managed Cyber Security For Digital Nomads, Remote Workers and Expats helps you stay protected and productive no matter where you are. zuutech is not just about software though, it’s a team of cyber security professionals proactively managing your devices’ security for you and fixing issues.

We also send you a monthly report so that you, and your clients, know that they’re protected. This is also important for GDPR compliance

Only available to MCS & MMS customers:

As most people need IT support, zuutech offers Cyber Support Tokens that are only available to Managed Computer Security (MCS ) and Managed Mobile Security (MMS) customers.

Cyber Support Tokens

  • 1 token is used for each support session
  • Tokens can be shared with anyone on the same account
  • Tokens don’t expire as long as the Managed Cyber Security is active
  • 10 Support Tokens cost , usual support costs are per incident

Whether you need help with email, using the printer, downloading a picture or writing a document, we can help. Immediately.

For only / month, can you afford not to have Managed Cyber Security

Have any questions?  Live chat for answers.

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