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24/7 Tech Support


We have some amazing software that allows you to share your computer screen with our support staff and receive 24/7 Tech Support. This connection is done via your internet connection and is completely private and secure.  To connect with a technician, simply follow the steps below.

For Business Hours Tech Support (8am to 8pm UTC), please click here.


After Hours and 24/7 Tech Support customers

For computer support outside of business hours, If you are subscribed for After Hours or 24/7 support, you can connect to the support team during evenings and weekends.  Please connect by using the life preserver icon at the bottom right corner of your computer. Screenshots below.

1. Go the bottom right of your computer screen, click the green support icon

2. Click on Help Desk Chat

3. Fill in the details and start chatting


If you’re having trouble chatting with support, you can use this form to email the support team.

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