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Computer Support

Computer Support the easy way

zuu Tech Support provides Remote Computer Support regardless of location.  Whether it’s your printer, email, attachments, VPN, software installation or a slow computer, support is only one click computer support away.

With zuu Tech Support, you easily connect to our technicians directly from your computer desktop.  Available for Windows and Apple devices.


We have some amazing software that allows you to share your computer screen with our support team and receive zuu Tech Support. This connection, done via the internet, is encrypted, private and secure.

  1. To begin chatting with a technician, you simply click the support icon computer support.
  2. You can then choose to share your computer desktop with the technician so that they can help you.

Computer Support Options

  • Software installation
  • Word, Excel & other apps
  • Email and calendar
  • Printing & scannng
  • Wifi, security and other ‘how to’ help
  • Office 365 and Google Workspace help

One click and you’re chatting to your support technicians.  When needed, you can grant dekstop sharing access to the technician so they can fix the issue for you or show you how to do something.

Option 1:

Support Tokens

Only available to Security customers

10 Support Tokens cost

  • 1 Token 1 session
  • Account shared
  • Tokens don’t expire
  • Available business days 8am to 6pm UTC

Option 2:

Business Day

8am to 8pm UTC, Monday to Friday

/month or /year

Unlimited business day support

Includes Managed Computer Security.


Option 3:

24/7 Support

Unlimited support available 24/7

/month or /year

Unlimited 24/7 computer support

Includes Managed Computer Security.


Option 4:

One Off Support

Pay per incident adhoc support

per incident







* Support Tokens are only available to  Managed Computer Security (MCS) clients. MCS is part of Cyber Essentials as recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Taking care of the IT needs of one person on the road, four people in an office and/or another thirty people who are working from home (WFH) or remotely takes time and ongoing management. People need to be added and removed from groups, files shared, email accounts created, devices (computers, mobiles and tablets) secured, software installed, users supported, devices synced…..and the reverse when staff leave. This requires multiple skill sets and active management, whether it’s one computer or a hundred.

zuu’s Cloud Essentials includes Cloud Support to help you manage all your support needs. It also makes GDPR compliance much easier.

Have any questions?  Live chat for answers.

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