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There’s a new SMS malware scam doing the rounds in a very big way and we need to be careful. What started out as innocent looking delivery texts pretending to be from DHL now includes Royal Mail, Amazon, Argos and many others. The texts seem like delivery notifications, which we all get, and are from companies that we all use, and contain links for tracking the order. Except, the whole thing is fake.

Mobile providers and law enforcement have become so concerned that they have started to issue warnings about what is called the FluBot campaign. What’s truly amazing is that it’s all run as a malware for hire service, so anyone can do it to any company.

As so many of us order online these days and send presents to each other through online services, this is particularly worrying. It means that we have to be careful with all SMS texts and we must not be tricked into installing rogue malware on our phones – and then our computers. A breach of this sort gives them complete access to your phone and what you do on it and connect to – including bank login details.

Be careful and make sure you have mobile security installed and running. For advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), click here.

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