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Cyber Security And Tech Support
For Remote Teams

No matter where your team are,

we can manage their cyber security and tech support

Managing Cyber Security and Tech Support For Remote Teams need not be difficult.  But it needs managing.  Whether your team are direct employees, freelance staff or consultants, your clients need to know that access to their data is secure.  Your company is responsible for ensuring this and it’s a must for GDPR.

The clear solution for teams of remote workers is to centrally manage their client security and data using zuutech’s Managed Cyber Security for remote teams, combined with cloud services.


Cyber Security And Tech Support
For Remote Teams

anti-virus security

Anti-virus Security Security

Managed computer anti-virus and anti-spyware.



Managed firewall to protect you against internet attacks.


Operating System Security

Managed computer operating system updating and patching.

Web Filtering

Web Filtering

Protection against malicious websites and links.

Software Security

Software Security

Managed computer software security updating and patching

Monthly Report

Monthly Report

We’ll send you a monthly report detailing the protection in place.

Only / month for Managed Cyber Security

Whether you’re two people working in an office or seventy-five remote workers, everyone on your team needs managed cyber security. Managed Cyber Security is not just a personal and business necessity, it’s also a legal GDPR requirement.

We make it easy for you and your team to be secure and compliant by following the Cyber Essentials guidelines issued by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ).

If you have any questions or are not sure what you need, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


    Other Services

    computer support

    zuu Tech Support

    As most people need IT support, zuutech offers Support Tokens that are only available to Managed Computer Security (MCS ) customers.

    Support Tokens

    • Direct access to a technician from the computer desktop
    • Business Day support
    • 1 token is used for each support session
    • Tokens can be shared with anyone on the same account
    • Tokens valid as long as the Managed Cyber Security is active
    • 10 Support Tokens cost
    office 365

    office 365 help

    Set up and migration to Office 365. Help with file sharing, email, Teams, sharepoint and migration. Ongoing support is also available.

    office 365 help

    If you and your team share files, access must be controlled and protected.  Cloud services are the answer.

    office 365 helps make file sharing and team communications more efficient and as many people already have office 365, they are familiar with it.

    If you need help, we can set up users, file sharing, email, Teams and sharepoint for you as well as assist with user migration.

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