Cyber Security For Education

We manage cyber security,

no matter where teachers and students are located


Cyber security for Education is non negotiable.  Whether you’re a remote teaching company or an independent teacher, when you interact with students remotely you need to ensure that the device you’re using to connect, is protecting you – and your students.  As well as legal obligations like GDPR, children need to be protected.

You are responsible for the security of your students’ data and,if your are a company, those who interact with it, the teachers, wherever in the world they are.  All their devices must be secured at all times.  If one teacher is not secure, then the entire group is at risk.  This puts student and company data is at risk.

The simple solution for educators is to centrally manage cyber security.  And it’s needed for GDPR.  This is what zuutech does for you.


Cyber Security For Education


Anti-virus Security Security

Managed computer anti-virus and anti-spyware.



Managed firewall to protect you against internet attacks.


Operating System Security

Managed computer operating system updating and patching.

Web Filtering

Web Filtering

Protection against malicious websites and links.

Software Security

Software Security

Managed computer software security updating and patching

Monthly Report

Monthly Report

We’ll send you a monthly report detailing the protection in place.

Only available to our customers:

As most people need IT support, zuutech offers Cyber Support Tokens that are only available to Managed Computer Security customers.

Cyber Support Tokens

  • 1 token is used for each support session
  • Tokens can be shared with anyone on the same account
  • Tokens don’t expire as long as the Managed Cyber Security is active
  • 10 Support Tokens cost , usual support costs are per incident

Whether you need help with email, using the printer, downloading a picture or writing a document, we can help. Immediately.

As an organisation, you are responsible for the GDPR complaince of your teachers, yet ensuring their cyber security can be challenging as they are spread out.  With zuutech’s Managed Cyber Security, it need not be.

zuutech’s Managed Cyber Security is the easy answer to securing teacher endpoints (devices) and meeting the Cyber Essentials GDPR requirements.  And we’ll send you a monthly report so that you know you’re covered.

For only / month can you afford not to have Managed Cyber Security


Other Services

cloud services

Cloud Services

Set up and migration to cloud services such as Office 365 and G Suite as well as ongoing support.

Student data must be held securely and access controlled.  Managed Cyber Security focuses on device security, but the data itself must be held securely and access managed.

Cloud services is the obvious soltion for data security and management for remote teachers. Office 365 or G Suite are the ideal solution for document sharing and mangement.  The cloud is the way to go for central data management and, if you’re not already set up, we can help you do this.

If you’re not sure what you need or need to discuss a solution, use this form to contact us for a free consultation.

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