Cyber Security

Cyber Security

There is no question about it, Cyber Security is now one of the most important issues we face daily. Our businesses, and we, face a relentless barrage of attempts designed to access our technology and to use it for illegal purposes. From identity theft and fraud to ransoms and being used to ‘attack’ and infect other systems, it never ends, nor will it. In fact it’s become far worse, cyber crime is now responsible for more monetary loss than traditional crime – including burglary.

While there is no guaranteed way to protect your business and yourself, there are Cyber Security systems you can put in place in order to minimize the chances of falling prey to cyber criminals and this, combined with vigilance and expertise, is your only safeguard. We can take care of the technical Cyber Security solutions, outlined below, and you can advise your people how to be alert to attempted intrusions (here are some Cyber Tips to help).

Being down for one hour, even for one staff member, is costly. Never mind the entire office being down for longer. The bottom line, you and your business cannot afford to not be protected and need Cyber Security. Your first line of defense is to secure all your devices – computers, phones and tablets. The next step is to back up all your data as there is no way to guarantee security and you need a fall back. zuutech can set up and manage all this for you.

Managed Computer Security

Cyber Secure


This is your first line of defense, the gate keeper if you will. You must do everything you can to stop viruses, spyware and malware from gaining access to your systems. We’ll monitor your defenses 24/7 and if in the event there is a red flag or something gets through, we’ll remove it for you.

Security Management
Security Patching
Security Updating

Secure Operating Systems and Software are your second line of defense. You must ensure that your Operating Systems, Drivers and Software are patched, updated and secure at all times. We’ll manage and maintain the security for your Operating System and Software and if anything needs attention, we’ll sort it out for you.

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Managed Computer Security and Backup

Cyber Safe

Cyber Secure



Backup is your third line of defense. As there is no such thing as 100% protection and bearing in mind that computer crashes and faulty hard drives happen all the time, it is simply irresponsible to not be backed up at all times. With our service, your files and documents will be backed up automatically and securely so that you can relax.

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Mobile Phone Security

Cyber Mobile for mobile phones and tablets

Scans apps
Checks website links
Wipe data if lost or stolen

Automatically scans apps and files for viruses and other threats. Security shields block malware before it can install itself. Displays alerts when the device is vulnerable to attack, reducing the risk of a security breach.

Automatically scans URLs to block fraudulent websites and other harmful content (within Chrome or stock Android browser). Real-Time Anti-Phishing detects phishing sites up to 3-5 days sooner than any other service.

Lost Device Protection. Quickly access and lock a compromised device, limiting company data loss and protecting end user privacy. Remote access allows you to:

– Remote Lock. Locks the device if it’s lost or stolen

– Remote Wipe. Wipes contacts, text messages, other personal information

– Device Locate. Provides a device’s location on a map

– SIM Card Lock. Automatically locks the device when the SIM card is removed

– Call/SMS Blocking. Blocks unwanted calls and SMS messages, and automatically blocks SMS messages containing malicious URLs

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