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Beware of scammers claiming that your domain is about to expire and will be terminated.

The email above was received by zuutech claiming our domain was about to expire. It isn’t. This scam process is a new one for me as they contacted us through our website contact form. It also surprised us as, unless they’ve managed to figured out how to get around captcha and automate the submissions, they will have had to do this scam site by site which means manpower (and costs). As it is through the website, perhaps their phishing success rate is higher?

Either way, it’s phishing and the email should be deleted – and NEVER click any of the links. The giveaways in this email were:

  1. domain corp dot ga – this is Gabon domain (zuutech have no connection with Gabon in any way) and a quick search reveals it’s dodgy
  2. +1 is a US and Canada international dialling code
  3. domain registration dot com is a scam/non existent website

The things we commonly look for in all phishing emails are:
– sender email address (read it carefully as they often switch two letters around from a bona fide address)
– domain legitimacy
– whether the mode of contact is unusual or unexpected.

In this case I am guessing this group is related to Prince xyz and they will soon be offering us $100 million if they can use our bank account after we send them money.

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