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If you have a spotify, netflix or linkedin account (plus a whole host of other services), then chances are your security has been compromised and your passwords need changing.  Alas, this means most of us.

In what is being called the Compilation of Many Breaches (COMB), 3.2 billion hacked email and password combos from a variety of breaches have been combined and published together.  This means there’s a good chance that most of us have logins that have been made available to nefarious characters.

We strongly recommend that you do three things quickly to protect yourself.

  1. Start using a password manager.  There are a number of password managers out there that are good.  Personally, I recommend Dashlane. as it syncs easily between your computer and your mobile – and it creates passwords for you that no one can remember.
    • If you store your passwords in your browser, I would recommend importing them into your password manager.
    • And then delete them from your browser and do not store them in browsers any more.
    • If you get stuck, just ask one of our support team and they can help.
  2. Change your passwords for sites that have been hacked. Some password managers, like Dashlane, let you know which services you have accounts with have been hacked – which makes changing them much easier.  You can also check here if one of your accounts was hacked.
  3. Definitely change your passwords of your most important services – especially if you re-use that password. Accounts like, your email, banking, netflix, spotify, vpn etc.

Stay Safe

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