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Fund Raising For Charities And Associations

Fund raising for charities and associations is a constant challenge.  It’s a relentless, ongoing effort.

An alternate, recurring, fund raising solution is needed. We have one. Partner with us.

Partnerships are at the heart of zuutech and everyone needs Managed Cyber Security. It’s simply not optional to leave computers, mobile phones and tablets unsecured. Yet most people are perplexed by IT. That’s why we’re here. zuutech protect people by managing the security of their devices and providing Tech Support .

Whether your supporters or members are homes and individuals, or small and mid sized businesses, working together we can enable them to benefit from all the advantages of big business managed security, at an affordable price, while creating recurring donations for your charity or association.

Your charity or association can generate recurring donations by offering an invaluable service.
A service that everyone needs. Managed Cyber Security.

Working together

Working together

It’s very straight forward
We’ll give you a customised web link.  Every time someone clicks on that link and joins one of zuutech’s services, your charity/association will receive a donation.  And again upon renewal.

• Partner Code: zuutech will give your organisation a unique partner code/link.
• Joining Donation: Every time that code is used to join zuutech, your charity/association will receive a donation
• Recurring Donations: Every time the subscription renews, your charity/association will receive a donation
• Marketing Materials: zuutech will provide you with images and text that you can use on your website, newsletters and emails
• Promotions: You’ll be able to provide special offers and promotions for your charity/association members
• Pre-launch: We’ll work with you to prepare for the launch of our new partnership

Your charity/association generates passive recurring donations
We manage people’s computer and mobile security

What we provide

What we provide

Our Managed Cyber Security Services

As Cyber Security can be confusing, the National Cyber Security Centre (a division of GCHQ) has created a checklist of technical controls called Cyber Essentials. These security essentials cover 5 key areas and are necessary to help protect ourselves from Cyber crime.

zuutech’s Managed Cyber Security helps keep people and businesses safe and meet these Cyber Essentials guidelines.  Managed Cyber Security is also necessary for GDPR compliance purposes.

For Windows and Apple Computers

managed computer security

Managed Computer Security


  • Anti-virus
  • Operating System updating
  • Software security updating
  • Firewall
  • Browser security and download scanning

/ month

For Android and iOS devices

double shield black

Managed Mobile Security


  • App security scanning
  • File scanning
  • Website link security
  • VPN
  • Remote wipe in case of loss or theft

/ month

Tech Support

IT support

zuu Tech Support

(IT Support)

  • Computer and Mobile support
  • Option 1 – Tokens
  • Option 2 – Unlimited Support
  • Option 3 – One off support
  • Options 1 & 2 only available to MCS members

10 tokens for

If you have any questions, or you’d like us to send you further information or contact you, use the contact form and we’ll be right back to you.

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