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Firefox 70 has just come out and it’s fab.  Mozilla, the Foundation behind Firefox, is on a mission to protect people’s privacy and is beginning to look very interesting.  It’s moving the goal posts.

I’ve been using firefox since the mosaic and netscape days and it just keeps getting better.  What Firefox has done and is doing for privacy is a giant step.

Take trackers.  Those pesky things that follow you around the Internet and tell anonymous companies what you’ve been doing.  Firefox blocks them now.  Since prerelease in July, Firefox has blocked over 450 billion trackers.  We can expect an explosion in this number as Firefox 70 only went on general release yesterday.  This is bad news for the facebooks, googles, amazons and countless others of this world but great news for us.  It is why google’s chrome can never be a serious privacy contender – it goes against google’s business model.  There are even pretty pictures to tell you how many trackers Firefox has blocked for you.  I’ve had 3,300 blocked in the past week.

Then there are passwords.  Forget paying a third party company, Firefox’s Lockwise is easy to use.  Create a master password and all your passwords are stored encrypted on your computer.  Sync your computer’s Firefox to your online Firefox account and not just do you have a backup, but you can then use your passwords on other devices – such as your mobile phone or tablet.  It even syncs bookmarks and history between the devices.

If you value your privacy, as well as a great browser, then Firefox 70 is the way to go.  And there’s more coming.  I have a feeling Mozilla is just getting warmed up.  You can download it here.

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