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Managed Cloud Security and Tech Support for franchises and their staff is a must.  A franchise is responsible for the security of it’s customer data and those who interact with it, including franchisees and their team.  It’s needed for GDPR.  If one franchisee is not secure, then the entire franchise is not secure and your brand is at risk.  Although your team may use passwords to access client data in the cloud, if the laptops, tablets and mobile phones they use to enter those log in details are not secure, neither are their usernames and passwords. This puts customer and company data at risk.

The simple solution is for all franchisees to use zuutech’s Managed Cloud Security to secure their laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


Managed Cloud Security And Tech Support

For Franchises

For Windows and Apple Computers

managed computer security

Managed Computer Security


  • Anti-virus
  • Operating System updating
  • Software security updating
  • Firewall
  • Browser security and download scanning

/ month

For Android and iOS devices

double shield black

Managed Mobile Security


  • App security scanning
  • File scanning
  • Website link security
  • VPN
  • Remote wipe in case of loss or theft

/ month

Tech Support

IT support

zuu Tech Support

(IT Support)

  • Computer and Mobile support
  • Option 1 – Tokens
  • Option 2 – Unlimited Support
  • Option 3 – One off support
  • * Option 1 & 2 only available to MCS members

10 tokens for

Only / month for Managed Cloud Security

A franchise is liable and responsible for the GDPR compliance of its franchisees and their staff.  Managed Cloud Security is the solution.

zuutech’s Managed Cloud Security is the answer to securing your franchisee computers, tablets and mobiles (devices).  We can secure your franchisee devices and we’ll send you a monthly report so that you know you’re covered and meeting Cyber Essentials and GDPR requirements. 

If you’re not sure what you need or have questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.


    Other Services

    cloud services

    office 365 help

    Set up and migration to cloud services such as Office 365 and G Suite as well as ongoing support.

    Franchise data must be held securely and access must be controlled and protected.  Managed Cyber Security takes care of the security of franchisee devices, but the data itself must be held securely and access controlled.

    office 365 is an obvious answer for data security and the cloud is the way to go for central data management. If you’re not already set up, we can help you do this.

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