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Managed Computer Security

As recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre,

(a division of GCHQ)

Whether for your business or your home life, Managed Computer Security is a must.  The National Cyber Security Centre (a division of GCHQ) recommends businesses implement its Cyber Essentials guidelines to protect themselves from Cyber attacks.  The Cyber Essentials strategy is pretty straightforward.  Secure your endpoints (computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets), proactively manage their security and secure and control access to data.  While there is no 100% protection, it’s impossible, you need to do the best you can.

zuutech’s Cyber Security services are designed to help you meet these guidelines while taking the weight off your shoulders.  We do this by securing and managing  your endpoints for you.  In today’s world of remote workers, this makes their GDPR security management far simpler and your life easier.


Managed Computer Security


Anti-virus Security

Managed computer anti-virus and anti-spyware.



Managed firewall to protect you against internet attacks.


Operating System Security

Managed computer operating system updating and patching.

Web Filtering

Web Filtering

Protection against malicious websites and links.

Software Security

Software Security

Managed computer software security updating and patching

Monthly Report

Monthly Report

We’ll send you a monthly report detailing the protection in place.

Managed Cyber Security isn’t just about software. It’s a team of cyber security professionals actively managing your devices’ security for you – and fixing issues for no additonal charge.

For only / month, can you afford not to have Managed Computer Security

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