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Managed Mobile Security

Protection for mobile phones and tablets

zuutech’s Managed Mobile Security is a must.  People spend an enormous amount of time on their Android and iOS mobiles (mobile phones & tablets) which are essentially hand held computers.  They have to be secured.  We bank, shop, pay for things, email, take photos and socialise on our mobiles.  We have our lives on our mobiles – everyone needs Managed Mobile Security.  It’s simply not optional.


Managed Mobile Security

For Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets

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Managed Mobile Security


  • App security scanning
  • File scanning
  • Website link security
  • VPN
  • Remote wipe in case of loss or theft

/ year

IT support

Cyber Support Tokens

(IT Support)

  • Computer and Mobile support
  • 1 token used per session
  • Tokens don’t expire
  • Tokens shared account wide
  • Tokens used for MCS or MMS devices

10 tokens for

As well as a team Cyber Security professionals securing your Android and iOS devices, if you need your privacy settings checked, an app installed, an email account set up, help screen casting and most other things on your mobile phone or tablet – we can help with this as well.

For only / year, can you afford not to have Managed Mobile Security

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