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office 365 help

 set up, migration and ongoing administration

Many of us use office 365 and if your organisation wants to share and communicate more efficiently, using more of its inbuilt features is a great choice.  office 365 also makes user and data security management easier. If you need help, we can set up users, file sharing, email, Teams and sharepoint for you as well as assist with user migration.

Benefits of office 365

1. You and your team have office apps that work on your computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
2. You and your team can share files securely.
3. You can manage which team members have access to which folders and files.
4. All your team’s files can be in one place so they can be backed up.

office 365 help

office 365 help

If you’d like to discuss office 365 with us, use the contact form to arrange a free consultation.

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