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zuu Tech Support is amazingly easy

right click and start chatting to a technician


We have some amazing software that allows you to share your computer screen with our support staff and receive zuu Tech Support. This connection is done via your internet connection and is completely private and secure.  To connect with a technician, simply click the support icon on the bottom right of your computer. Technicians are available business days from 8am to 8pm UTC.

Tech Support For Current Customers


Business hours Tech Support

zuu Tech Day Support is available M-F, 8am to 8pm UTC.  Please connect by clicking the red support icon on your computer desktop – like the image above.


If for any reason you can’t connect directly to the support team from your computer desktop, you can open a chat session by clicking this support icon Live Help and the support team will be happy to help on business days from 8am to 8pm UTC.

After Hours/weekends and 24/7 Tech Support

if you are subscribed for After Hours/weekends or 24/7 Tech Support and need support, please click here.

New Customer Setup


zuu Tech Support For New Customers

If you are a new customer who hasn’t been set up yet, simply follow the steps below and we’ll onboard you and set up your Managed Security.

The first time you connect to us, our technicians will set up your Managed Security and any other services you have registered for, including quick access to the support team for future support.  Onboarding is available, Monday through Sunday, 9am to 7pm UTC.

To get started:

  1. Open a chat session by clicking this support chat icon Live Help
  2. Then click the link below that matches the device you are connecting to our technicians.
  3. Launch the program – you can launch it from your browser download section or it may be in your downloads folder (it’s called splashtop)
  4. Give the 9-digit number to the support technician

At the end of the support session you can quit the progam and the technicians computer access will be over.

If you’re having trouble chatting with support, you can use this form to email the support team.

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