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Our technicians support and secure SME’s around the world


Your service is always fantastic and it gives me such peace of mind to know that you are always around to help.
Fiona M.

Many thanks, really impressed with the service works… will definitely recommend you to friends.
Michelle M.

Have you ever had problems with your PC or laptop? Have you been quoted horrendous call-out charges or extortionate contractual fees for fixing your problem? Well, if you’re happy with that then please continue to be taken to the cleaners, and be inconvenienced as they smilingly remove your machine for days to their workshops.

But, if you want a company that goes out of it’s way to help you, fixes your problems in your machine from their remote location quickly and without drama, and continues to offer the same fast service whenever a hitch, glitch or gremlin gets into your programmes, then you need to connect with zuu who has provided me with a first class, excellent proactive engagement, and incredibly economic service which now leaves me with much more hair on my head than I ever had before from engaging with other IT technicians! Try them out, you’ll be amazed at their service.
Tessa H.

Great service – quick and efficient.
Nigel G.

An excellent service as always.
Meirion B.

Your team are the best I have come across in customer services.
Perino W.

Very satisfied. Friendly, efficient and helpful technicians. Keep them!!!
Sonya W.

zuu provide a top quality service and really nobody, I repeat, nobody should ever have any complaint about any Team Member or the Service they provide. Whoever is responsible for their training must be of the highest degree in qualifications and is or are to be highly commended
Hugh F.

Once again your boys have sorted out a problem, minor this time, with their usual efficiency and patience.. Thank you
Mike S.

Had a long session with Kevin today. He was superb – professional, courteous, patient, very helpful, evidently very knowledgeable, and altogether a very nice bloke.
John N.

The clean up you did on my PC was excellent and substantally improved its working speed. On the occasion when I could not open a video that was sent to me the support I received was outstanding with an immediate successful fix.
Graham D.

Fantastic service this afternoon. I was really frustrated, and now I’m really happy. What more could I ask?
Julia G.

We’ve been with you for over 2 years now I think and can’t fault the service no matter what day or time we call our issue gets resolved. Setting up the backup takes a while to sort out and do but it’s a small price to pay for the knowledge that your data is safe and secure off site. Keep up the good work and thank you very much to all of your team for the help we receive
Dave N.

I would like to thank James , one of the technician, for his hard work on my lap top at the beginning of the week. He was kind, polite and extremely patient, taking that we had troubles communicating. When the pc froze , within seconds the phone would ring and it was James again with a laugh and a smile telling me what to do next. The evening he solved the problem he work well late into the night and at 7 am there was a message that all was sorted. I cannot thank him enough for his manners and for his knowledge. Hope you will pass the comment to him and to whom this may concerned.
Miriam Z.

Again some problems found and eradicated. You saved me a lot of time. My peace of mind is restored. It is good to know you are there. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.
Teodor B.

Very pleased with the service i have received from zuu always very good.
G Wright.

Excellent service as always.. Money well spent 🙂 I highly recommend to all.
C. Plummer.

Once again your service and expertise was excellent. I think your product is fantastic and I am always telling others about how great it is to have my own IT team on call 24/7.. always appreciate the effort and patience of the technicians. Thank you.

Great work guys cheers.
B. Tochel.

I cannot begin to understand what your technicians performed during my service but over a five hour period a great deal was accomplished I rest easy as a result Thank you.
D. Rose.

Excellent service, nice and easy.
J. Stephenson.

Just want to thank you guys for doing a great job whenever I need help your there thanks again.

Thank you for your help on my computer, you upgraded it on Friday when I had problems with Windows Office 7, and downloaded Open Office for me, I can now use all my files and it’s great. Plus when I have had small problems you have sorted them immediately. Thank you.
Irene H.

We are very happy with the service you provide on both our computers. Thank you very much Roy and Ruth.
R. Tarbin.

You are fantastic all your staff are so helpful and efficient – never bothered by my ‘stupid’ questions……your service is a real must for non-technical people like me! Thank you – you are worth every penny of the fees.
M. Bardzinski.

I would just like to thank Eric and Tom for the hard work they put in on my laptops health check, it is whizzing. Thank you zuu what would I do without you?
P. Riley.

Just to say a big thank you to Kevin and the team for giving us the much needed support. We were unaware that we had to install zuu until today. Once again thank you for your time and patience. You were brilliant.
D. Moran.

I would like to thank zuu for providing a excellent service.
T. Chesworth.

As usual excellent service with minimum of fuss
J. Crittall.

Once again I have had very good service, this time from Jack. He gave my computer its quarterly maintenance. Yesterday, I had a problem with my printer connections, and it was quickly sorted out by another person. I cannot praise you services enough. Any problem is quickly and efficiently solved by all of your very friendly courteous staff. Thank you very much.
M. Wannerton.

I would like to thank all (James, Frank and Morris) for helping me out a fix over the last few days. I have always then very helpful even though I must have been trying to them. Please thank them for me.
S. Jerome.

I am always a very satisfied customer and will certainly recommend you to family and friends.
E. Noble.

Two members of your staff (Kevin and Anita) showed a huge amount of patience and persistence to resolve a number of issues for me today. They did not give up when system was slow and overcame a number of barriers with me. It’s great to know that your support is always there. Thank you
L. Morel.

As ever an excellent personal and professional service.

Thanks guys.

zuu has made my life hassle free using my PC. You are always polite courteous and professional and extremely helpful…Your call up service for servicing is a lovely personal touch so that we remember that a) you are real people! and b) that we can get instant assistance. Keep up the good work. And Thank you.
Tracie G.

Excellent service. Your techies are very good and show great patience. I shall be forwarding your site details to friends.
Sue J.

Absolutely brilliant service. All the guys have the patience of saints. Nothing too much trouble.
Robert H.

I have been a zuu customer since 2006, and I subscribe to the zuu Support and Backup services.

At the time of subscription I did not know how or why I would need them, but now cannot imagine how I would ever do without them. Whenever I have a problem with my PC I connect to zuu for help, from where they are able to carry out all sorts of testing, and present a solution. There are also regular cleanups for your system which stops them getting clogged up with junk.

The backup facility has also proved invaluable, and during a recent holiday to the Far East, I found I needed some files from my computer in the office. I found a secure wireless connection, and was able to log on to the zuu server and download the precise files that I required.
Matthew Y.

I feel that I should write this short note of thanks to you and your staff for the sterling work which you did in setting up my system to your 24/7 support scheme. The lads on Sunday really worked hard especially with the ‘old’ desktop set. It has a mind of its own and does not readily accept either programmes or servicing.

It is so nice in this day and age to find a company which treats people as individuals and actually ‘listens’ and takes into account their competence with computers. I will certainly be spreading the word.
John L.

In the past we have relied on having local IT companies come in when something went wrong. However, this was an expensive option and they were never available when we needed them.

We get all of our stationery from Viking Direct and when I saw them promoting 24/7 IT support I decided to contact zuu.

I would recommend zuu services to any small business since IT is so important but as a business owner you do not know about IT.
Kitchens, London

Could I just say how pleased we are with your company, it was a brilliant investment for us, not being experts on computers. Nothing is too much for your employees, and everything is done expertly and courteously. And we are very pleased with the results. We are also very pleased to be customers of yours, and would not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you.
Havant, London

When I came across zuu I thought it would be a good value way of making sure we have professionals on hand whenever I or my staff needs them. All of our desktop computers, my computers at home and our server are now managed by zuu.

I knew I was wasting considerable time sorting out and maintaining our computers, but it is only now I appreciate the freeing up 6 or 7 hours a month. My time has been much better spent on other aspects of our business.

zuu now backs up our CRM system database daily, along with data files. This service is a great relief to me as I found the routine of taking home a removable hard disk wasn’t for me. This also saves me time and the ROI could be invaluable should our old server grind to a halt, or we have some other unthinkable disaster. I find great comfort knowing that backups are being done regularly.

I am very happy with the quality of the service provided and would recommend zuu to any small business that wants their IT hassles removed.
Media, Surrey

Despite using the software of one of the well known antivirus/spyware companies I was the victim of a phishing attack and quite a lot of money was removed from my account. Although the bank swung into action and I personally suffered no loss it is not a nice feeling. It was just after this that Viking recommended zuu so I gave them a try. The initial “sweep” they carried out revealed that the banks efforts in this direction had not been completely successful and other “nasties” were unearthed and dealt with. Compared with the average callout charge zuu’s costs are moderate and I now feel much more comfortable that help is literally just at my elbow when required.
Antony A.

In late February I was having problems with my computer, it was slowing down and it seemed to have some spyware on it and I was getting concerned.

I came across an online advert for zuu, who were offering to do a free check-up on my computer. I registered and was immediately telephoned and talked through the whole process. The check-up took about an hour, during which zuu accessed my computer over the Internet.

I felt great comfort knowing they would take over the managing of my computer, something I was not comfortable doing and that I could call them at anytime if I had a problem or just a query. For example I want to change my ISP from AOL and they very quickly sent a comparison with a couple of options.

In conclusion, I could not recommend zuu highly enough and I now feel I have IT experts on-hand whenever I need them.
William L., Scotland

May I take this opportunity to say that I’m very impressed with the quality of your service to us and I only wish I discovered you earlier.
Carole A.

Until we heard about zuu we did not know this could all be done over the Internet, allowing us to focus on our business. We now have a single number to call if we have any problems or need any advice. The service “is worth its weight in gold” and I would recommend it to all small businesses.
Asphalte, Surrey

I recently purchased a new computer and at the same time signed up for zuu.

The zuu staff moved all of my data across from my old computer to my new laptop. Since then I have had a number of small problems that I could not solve. In the past I would have just carried on with the problems building because my local IT shop charges £50 an hour.

Now, however small my problem I call zuu anytime of day or night and they remotely access my computer and fix my problems straightaway.

I cannot recommend zuu highly enough to anyone.
Ferenc S., Oxshott

A big thank you, you saved my bacon while on a business trip. My memory stick failed and I had nowhere to turn.

My now new client actually recommended you.
Peter C.

My computer screen kept closing down after using it for about half an hour and then kept closing every few minutes – I just could not do my work. I was thinking I would have to buy a new screen.

Having checked that all of the connections were fine, I decided to call the zuu support desk, not expecting them to be able to help on this.

zuu were very helpful but could not help immediately so they said they would do some further research and call me back. I never expected to hear from them again.

However, a few minutes later they called me and asked me to confirm when the screen had been bought and what the model number was. After checking this zuu then were able to confirm that Hewlett Packard had an outstanding product recall on my screen and that I could get a replacement for free by calling Hewlett Packard. My new screen has arrived and finally I can get on with my work.

I would never have known this without zuu and was prepared to spend £150 on a new screen.

Thanks zuu my annual subscription has paid for itself already.
Alex M.

I know I’ve said it before but you will never know just what a comfort this is, having your chaps there at the click of a mouse. As I look back over the year, I can say for sure it is the best money I’ve spent! I am constantly trying to get others to join you and get the same help and reassurance your service gives, especially now there is SO much internet fraud and identity theft etc.
Pam W.

Just to say that I have used zuu support a few times now and I think the service is fantastic! Money well spent. Good luck.
Rachel G.

An excellent service and so good there need not be expensive telephone calls, endless menus to navigate and then come up against an accent one cannot understand! Thanks again for your help.
Roland R.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at zuu for making my life so much easier. They are always so efficient and helpful in sorting out all manner of problems I have, however large or small and never make me feel foolish for asking.

I find it a great comfort knowing they are always there on the click of the mouse and however long it takes they get to the bottom of the problem.

When I think of how many times I have to contact them throughout the year it makes it an extremely reasonable service and one that I feel I could never be without as I have never been ‘computer literate’ and am never likely to be.

I have recommended several people to zuu and all of them are of the same opinion.

Again, a sincere thank you zuu and long may you reign!
Sue J., Slough

Am writing to say how pleased I have been with zuu today, and particularly with the service I received at a time of distress. You see yesterday my system went down courtesy of Microsoft. All software froze, after a huge download of Visa updates hit my PC. My call to zuu was answered this morning by ‘Brian’.

Brian’s patience with me – specifically my hearing – was enormous, and the diligence and tenacity he put into resolving the rather complex and interwoven array of problems was uniquely customer orientated. It almost felt like I was zuu’s only client in the whole wide world.

Nothing was to much for Brian, and as a result through Brian’s efforts, zuu today converted a client into an ADVOCATE.
Erling H.

Thank you so much for all you did I have been recommended you to my friends all day. While I was with dell support they checked my pc and told me there was nothing wrong and charged me a future and you took your time and fixed everything.

Thanks again
Perino W.

Excellent service friendly staff. Nothing is ever too much for you guys. Well done.
Yvonne H.

zuu are a total lifeline. My computer had a serious error after downloading SP3 for XP and after an hour of total meltdown I managed to find a zuu contact number that I texted for Help.

The guys were fantastic. They guided me by phone to be able to get back on line and then took control to fix my computer. If god made angels they would be in the form of zuu technicians. I don’t know what I’d do without them or the service they offer.

Professional and knowledgeable experts are few and far between in the fast moving world of IT and I would recommend this excellent company to everybody! A massive thank you – not only did you save my sanity – you saved my relationship as my other half was on the verge of killing me when he couldn’t use the PC!!!. Thanks guys.
Tracie G.

We have found the service from zuu to be excellent. Waiting times are almost zero and the technicians are very helpful. The remote linking makes life so much easier for people who are not exactly au fait with computers and how they work.
Ian B.

I had a problem with the download of some software that I purchased. Communication with the technical helpline of the company I’d purchased from in the US was difficult. Not only was there a difference in the time zones but it was very difficult to communicate an explanation of everything via email to them. It was so much quicker and easier to contact yourselves and Simon solved my problem very quickly using the remote access facility. My software was working in a matter of minutes. Thank you so much for the service you provide. It has all saved me so much stress and so much time and gives me peace of mind knowing that all my files are backed up daily so that I will never lose valuable files. I will defiantly recommend the service.
Karen B.

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