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Welcome NHS

Managed Computer Security (MCS)

25% off

For the year.

Cyber Support Tokens

50% extra

Buy 10 tokens, receive 5 free.

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Getting up and running is easy:

  • Managed Computer Security (MCS): Choose a monthly or annual billing cycle and enter the Quantity
  • Cyber Support Tokens (optional): Enter your Quantity (i.e. 1=10 tokens, 2=20 tokens) and we’ll add the bonus ones for you
  • Click Order Now
  • On the next screen, enter the promo code for the billing cycle you chose: NHSwelcome12 for monthly and NHSwelcome1 for annual
  • Click Validate Code and then Checkout

After placing your order, you’ll then receive email confirmation and go thorugh oto our technicians so we can set you up.  Our technicians are available for onboarding Mon-Sun, 8am to 8pm GMT or we can schedule onboarding at a time that suits you better.

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