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Welcome onboard Managed Mobile Security (MMS)

Onboarding is available all week, 9am to 7pm UTC

Onboarding doesn’t take long and is a one off process. The set up has three straight forward steps. Open a chat session, install an app from the app store and then we set up  your MMS.

Step 1: Open a chat session with one of our technicians.  We recommend that you live chat with our technicians on a different device (computer/mobile/tablet) than the one we’re setting up. This is so that you can chat with the team while they assist you on your mobile phone or tablet. To do this click the support chat link below on the other device.

Step 2: You Install SOS Support Request App (like you would usually).  You’ll use this app to generate a security code – now and in future – which you can give to our technicians so that they can temporarily access your mobile phone or tablet and help you. Once this is done, our support team can install and configure your Managed Mobile Security (MMS).

Live Help


Step 3:  We install Managed Mobile Security (MMS).  Once you’ve installed SOS and given the security code to the technician, our team will install and configure your managed security for you.  You can watch the entire process and ask the technician any questions you may have.

If you’d like to see a video or screenshots of the SOS installation, please click here.


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