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Welcome to Managed Mobile Security (MMS)

24/7 protection of mobile phones and tablets

Onboarding doesn’t take long and is involves three straight forward steps.

1. Download and install the security app from the app store.
2. Enter your activation code.
3. Allow the necessary permissions to protect your device.


Step 1: Download and install ThreatDown Mobile Security.

Step 2: Enter the activation code.

mobile security app
Connect to the support team using the support icon on your computer desktop or livechat to obtain your activation code.
ThreatDown Mobile Security activation




Live Help

Step 3:  Grant permissions to the app so it can protect you.

ThreatDown Mobile Security Permissions
ThreatDown Mobile Security Acceptance

Onboarding Support is available weekdays from 9am to 7pm UTC

Assistance from the zuu Tech Support. If you need assistance from the support team we recommend that you connect to the team using a different device. You can use the support chat on your computer if you have MCS (Managed Computer Security) with us or live chat on the website (link below). This is so that you can chat with the team while they assist you on your mobile phone or tablet if you need help.

Live Help

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