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Erdene zuu Monastery

zuu Monastery in Mongolia

About us

Our team have been working together for over ten years with one goal in mind, great customer service. We’re passionate about privacy, security and technology and as we want happy customers, we strive to do this by taking the weight of technology off people’s shoulders. We provide SME’s and home businesses cloud services that are usually only available to large companies. Initially we were primarily focused on providing remote IT support but as the number of security related issues climbed and technology evolved, we changed our focus to managed security.

We need managed security on all our devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Even if we know what we’re doing, managed cloud security still makes sense. It costs time, effort and licenses to maintain and secure all the devices we have. It’s more cost effective and far less stressful to have managed cloud security.

As technology moves forward, so will we. One thing will always remain the same, we’re here to provide great customer service.  Read what some of our customers have said.


zuu monastery

The name ‘zuu’ attracts peoples’ attention and we’re always being asked how we came up with the name.

We were inspired by the Buddhist monks from the magnificent Erdene Zuu Monastery in Mongolia. Based on the site of Genghis Khan’s ancient capital of Kharakhorum, Erdene Zuu became a monastery in 1586 until the temples were destroyed in 1939 during the state religious purge.

It’s the idea of living in peace and harmony with technology and being at one with the world around us that really appealed…..plus we liked the name.

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